I purchased a single family home for the purpose of converting the house into a legal duplex. I was literally building a brand new house as I was only keeping two side foundation walls. I figured I have enough experience to manage all the trades. I hired an architect to design the layout of the house and help me in with the permit process as I was hoping in building a 2-story addition off the back of the house. I automatically assumed since I was working with an architect, I would have received excellent service in a punctual manor but I was mistaken with my assumption.

It turned out to be one of the worst experiences I have ever encountered in dealing with a construction related project. The service was beyond lousy and the words "follow up" did not exist in the vocabulary within this architect's business model. Moving forward now that I was almost 6 months behind in my project, I called Peter as we have had a business relationship in the past. Once I had Peter on my side, I received my demo permit instantly and construction was in progress. Shortly there after I received my permits for my 2-story addition and I was back on track. This project was out of the ordinary scope of work Peter is involved with as I know his specialty is building luxury custom homes but I needed help. Not only was construction moving along fairly quickly thanks to Peter's contacts, I was being updated on a regular basis without having the aggravation of asking for an update and phone calls were being returned in a timely fashion, if not instantly.

I would strongly recommend Peter for any type of major construction related project if you want great punctual service! - Michael Benchimol

Peter was very professional in every aspect. Courteous and polite. I was very happy with my house. I loved the designer kitchen that was put in. I would highly recommend Peter and his company to anyone out there looking for an honest, upfront builder.„ - Khang L

Castleform builds beautifully designed and well constructed homes. We have been extremely impressed with the outstanding service we have received and with the quality of our home. Thank you Peter.- Patricia & Jim
We did an addition to our house. Peter Voong Castle Form managed our entire project. He took care of coordinating all the trades and dealing with issues as they arose. He got thrown a few challenges with our house, all of which- he solved. Peter was amazing to working, we were so happy with our finished product and the follow up support has been excellent as well. I wouldn't hesitate to use Peter again or to recommend him to friends and family.- Kevin & Courtney